Yokan- sweet bean jelly

Japanese Food | yokan with chestnuts

Yokan- is a very traditional Japanese dessert made of red bean paste, sugar and agar- jelling agent.

Yokan is usually served in blocks which are cutted in slices.

There are two basic types of yokan called neri yokan and mizu yokan.

Mizu yokan contains more water than neri yokan and it is very popular dessert in Summer season, when is eaten chilled.

To be honest I have never tried mizu yokan, but I do like neri yokan.

Yokan can be also made from kidney beans and then it looks different, more milky and has milder taste.

Yokan is often flavoured with matcha- powdered green tea, may contains sweetened azuki beans, sweet potatoe, chestnuts etc.

My favourite yokan is matcha yokan and azuki beans yokan.

Japanese Food | yokan or bean jelly

It is very tasty and healthy dessert, but maybe too sweet and I can not eat it too much. Cup of green tea is a perfect match with yokan.

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